TrackingIt is a Blackberry GPS tracking app that records your every move and synchronizes with your free account on this site. Keep track of your kids and friends. Use it to retrieve a lost phone, or what about advanced statistics on your positions. Share your data with whoever you choose


Contester: 2011 BlackBerry® Developers Challenge

Contester: 2011 BlackBerry® Nordic Challenge, develop the next No 1 BlackBerry app

Plenty of maps to choose from.

Get all the statistics you need via all kind of different maps. Streetview, Action zones, Friend view, Fleet management, History and Routing are just a few of the maps available. Go to the War Room for all the maps available on web. We try to be first with the latest maps. If you have any ideas we would love to hear from you.

We respect your privacy! Your location data is not made public nor available to anyone but you

TrackingIt Demo

Click to Play: Short video presentation of TrackingIt and a peek in the War Room